One Obvious (to Some) Tip To Making Videos People Want to Watch

I realized recently that a lot of high-level senior government officials want to make videos, and do video interviews, seemingly for the sake of making a video. But they forget the critical rule in making a video: it has to be visual.

There has to be a visual component to making a video; there has to be something for the viewer to see. This is the same reason that the standard talk shows on ESPN, while the anchors discuss Tom Brady, will play Tom Brady highlights on repeat several times. It’s the same reason that Wolf Blitzer on CNN will show footage from Syria while talking a pundit about the same topic. It makes sense.

So the next time your principal tells you s/he wants to make a video and stand there in front of a green screen, remind him/her the reason for making a video–it has to be visual and has to have a visual component. If it doesn’t, ask yourself the simple question: Why wouldn’t someone just read a transcript? If you don’t have a good answer to that question, it’s probably better to skip the video.

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