The One Thing Motorcycle Stores Should Do To Stay in Business

We’ve all seen the signs at various motorcycle shops and stores:


Usually, instead of just “closed,” it says “CLOSED! GONE RIDING!” So, maybe not “all of us” have seen these signs, but at least us motorcycle riders. Perhaps the thing most people think about being closed on Sunday is Chik-fil-a. Everybody wants that delicious crispy chicken sandwich, particularly on Sundays…when they’re closed!

Perhaps it’s because you only think about it when you drive by it, and that happens to be on Sunday, because maybe you’re out running errands. But that drives the point further. Most people don’t work Sundays, and it’s a great opportunity to get that chicken sandwich you crave. Chik-fil-a, a privately owned business which does not have to report to shareholders (and therefore report profits), maintains that it closes its stores on Sunday to allow its employees time to “rest, spend time with their families, and “worship if they choose to do so.”

But Chik-fil-a isn’t hurting for business…a lot of motorcycle stores are. And it’s the same story I hear every year at my local motorcycle store. “How’s business? Selling lots of bikes?” I ask. “Not great, not really.” a salesman responds.

So then we must go back to the store hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday? Closed. Gone Riding!

The same day that you’ve “gone riding” is the same day that I’m riding. The same day that I’m riding is the same day I think about coming to your store and spending money. The same day I think about coming to your store, spending money, and supporting your business is the same day that you’re closed.

I know that a lot of associates at motorcycle stores are riders too, but they can and should ride any other day of the week that ends in “Y” because the one day I need you open is Sunday. It’s the day when the majority of people are riding and the majority of people riding think, “Hey, I should stop by the store because I need [insert product].” It’s the same people that can’t give you business because you’re not open.

Make the smart business decision: Open on Sunday. Try it out, see how your business improves, then send me a thank you card.

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