Sharing Beautiful Photography with the World

BlogI’ve been very lucky in life. Through my experiences, I’ve been able to travel to five out of the world’s seven continents…don’t worry, I’ll get to Australia and Antarctica at some point. Through my travels, I’ve done my best to document, through photographs, some of the amazing things I’ve seen. A lot of these picturesContinue reading “Sharing Beautiful Photography with the World”

For Cyclists in DC and Out: 9 Rules for the Road

Most people who know me know that I ride my bicycle (or a Capital Bikeshare bicycle) a lot. I bike to work about three times a week and always use bicycles when traversing the District. As I’ve been riding in the city for almost two years, I’ve learned some lessons for riding in the cityContinue reading “For Cyclists in DC and Out: 9 Rules for the Road”