I’m Switching to a Part-Time Schedule at Work, and Here’s Why

For the first time in my 11-year professional career, I’m switching to a part-time schedule, starting next week, where I will work Tuesday – Thursday (24 hours per week). My work schedule will consist of strategic communications support to the Professional Development Group, as well as leadership course instruction and facilitation.

That said, the question I get most often is: “What are you going to do on Monday and Friday?”

The answer is as follows: Starting Monday, 24 July, I will begin work on several projects:

Lessons Learned Book: Throughout the last 10 or so years, I have kept an intricate journal of events that have happened in my life, including my war zone assignments; military deployments; events at work, the country, and the world; personal situations, academics, and more. I plan on using these journal entries, along with other memories, and mold them into readable, fun, enjoyable stories about lessons I have learned in my life. The lessons will be put into a book and published.

Children’s Book: Along with a graphic designer, I plan on writing and illustrating a children’s book focused on 5-9 year old children. More info to come.

Communicating with Impact: I plan to continue facilitating my seminar on oral presentation skills, called Communicating with Impact, and am considering joining a company to increase my market share. I have run the course several times for student groups and NextJump, a private company in New York City. You can read testimonials from participants on this page on my site.

Truth Assassin: I will continue working on my anti-Trump punk music project, as a follow up to my first EP album, “The Scourge,” I released in January, and my single, “117 Stars,” I released in March. I already have four songs recorded for the new album, as well as two other songs in the mix. I continue to work with my audio engineer to mix and master the tracks and plan to release my second album later this year. You can hear the songs on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, and iTunes (search for Truth Assassin).

I’ll keep everyone informed how these projects are progressing, as well as updates on schedules, releases, and associated events.

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. I will complete these projects one step a time; the books with one word at a time, the course with one attendee at a time, and the songs with one note, beat, or lyric at a time. One step at a time.

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