The Eight Major Lessons I Learned Installing my Kitchen Backsplash

This past weekend, I installed a new tile backsplash in my kitchen, overlaying it on the white, painted drywall which the builder installed. Overall, the project went very well, and I encountered no significant problems…I have no holes in my wall, nothing broke, I didn’t lose a finger, etc. The backsplash is up, grouted, caulked,Continue reading “The Eight Major Lessons I Learned Installing my Kitchen Backsplash”

New Truth Assassin Album Coming Soon

Over the last few months, I have been working on a new Truth Assassin album, as a follow up to the EP (“The Scourge”) and single (“117 Stars”) I released in January and March, respectively. The new full-length album, entitled “In the Shadow of Tyranny,” will include nine new songs and the pre-released but remasteredContinue reading “New Truth Assassin Album Coming Soon”