New Truth Assassin Album Coming Soon


Over the last few months, I have been working on a new Truth Assassin album, as a follow up to the EP (“The Scourge”) and single (“117 Stars”) I released in January and March, respectively. The new full-length album, entitled “In the Shadow of Tyranny,” will include nine new songs and the pre-released but remastered single. To date, eight of the ten songs have been recorded and I’m working on finalizing the riffs and rhythms for the remaining two (the lyrics are written).

I’m happy to say that these new recordings are a huge step up from the first EP. The riffs are better, the songs are faster, and the lyrics are stronger. Most importantly, at the advice of my Massachusetts-based audio engineer, Ben Schwartz, I’ve begun recording my drum tracks via MIDI file, instead of the standard stereo audio file. Ben can more easily manipulate the MIDI file to sound like a true acoustic set, rather than the less robust sound that my electronic drum set usually puts out. As I did for the first releases, I am still playing and recording all of the instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano), writing all of the lyrics, and singing all of the vocals. In the future, I look forward to collaborating with other artists.

“In the Shadow of Tyranny” will be released digitally (via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, etc) and hard copy (limited printing) later this year, probably some time in October.

Check out Truth Assassin on Spotify.

Stay tuned.


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