In the Shadow of Tyranny – The New Truth Assassin Album

In the Shadow of Tyranny is first full-length album from Truth Assassin, anti-Trump punk rock, consisting of 10 songs (nine new, one remastered). Following up to the five-song EP, The Scourge, these new songs are fast, hard, and transcend the classic, hardcore, and pop punk styles.


Check out the links below for access to the new music and summary of each new song below. You can also read the pre-production album book for lyrics).

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calls out Donald Trump’s ban on LGBT military service members, which he called a disruption, for actually being a distraction from his failed efforts to repeal the health care law.

No Deal identifies how Donald Trump has not made a significant deal/legislative accomplishment in his first six months in office, despite calling himself “the great dealmaker.”

What a Joke describes how other countries view the United States, the administration’s dysfunction, and lack of progress.

Cosmopolitan Bias makes a mockery of Trump adviser Stephen Miller, who used the term to describe CNN reporter Jim Acosta, while Miller himself lives a very “cosmopolitan,” privileged life.

Free Melania, a pop-punk style song, asks Melania Trump to leave her husband, live a happy life, and be free.

On Fire is an explosive, hardcore, thrash-style song calling out Donald Trump for his lies, absurdities, and hatred.

Down in Charlottesville recounts the horrific events of the white supremacist rally and the valiant efforts to stand up to hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We’re Not Going Anywhere, a simple, groove song, reminds Donald Trump and his administration that smart, hard-working government employees are going to keep working to do their jobs.

117 Stars describes Donald Trump’s abhorrent visit to a solemn memorial wall on the second day of his presidency.

In the Shadow of Tyranny, a slow, melodic, piano-driven song, strikes deep emotional chords alongside audio clips of some of Donald Trump’s most absurd quotes.

2 thoughts on “In the Shadow of Tyranny – The New Truth Assassin Album

  1. Thanks for the early cut, homie. Some really good stuff here. Are you doing all the news clips, etc? Or is that all being done in mixing?


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