That Day You Find Yourself on the Big Ten Network Website

I occasionally search for “Parker Schaffel” on Google to see what comes up. A few days ago, I found this gem on the Big Ten Network’s website, on a page titled: 

BTN LiveBIG: Buckeyes Represent O-H-I-O Around the World

The website states: “Throughout the year, members of the Buckeye Nation hit the road to have fun, soak up different cultures and serve communities around the world. But no matter where they go, they’re never far from O-H-I-O.

On its website, The Ohio State University compiles photos of students, alums, faculty and fans showing school spirit by doing the famous cheer from Disney World to Düsseldorf. The LiveBIG team picked out some of our favorite recent ones from that collection, and we’re sharing them with BTN readers.”

In 2015, I went to Poland for a wedding, stopping off in Berlin, Germany to see a heavy metal concert of a band I knew from the United States. Before the concert, I went to Olympiastadion, the large Olympic stadium built by Nazi Germany for the 1936 Olympics, and took these four pictures, in which I spelled out O-H-I-O and overlayed them. Why? Ohio Stater Jesse Owens, a black American, won four gold medals, shattering Hitler’s insane view that the “Aryan Race” was supreme to all other people in the world. I wanted to pay my respects.

It turns out that the Big Ten Network selected this picture as part of its top five pictures of an O-H-I-O picture from around the world.


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