Unique Items from Iraq, Afghanistan, the Military, and CIA… Up For Grabs!

Today, 17 September, is a really exciting day; it’s the day that my book, Get After It: Seven Inspirational Stories to Find Your Inner Strength When It Matters Most, ends its 28-day pre-release on Amazon and actually ships in paperback to those who purchased a copy.

If you did, a sincere THANK YOU!

To help spread the word and celebrate the success the book has had so far, which includes breaking the top 200 for the Self-Help/Motivational category on Amazon’s Kindle list, it’s time to enter the last phase of the giveaways that I shared a few weeks ago.

Here are the items, which include truly unique items from the US Air Force, US Navy, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, and the CIA, things like a hand-carved knife, authentic parachute badges, challenge coins, and Muslim prayer beads. Check out the pictures below and read further below on how to get them.

I’m going to giveaway these sets of items via a raffle, which I plan to announce in late October or early November, and it’s pretty simple to get a raffle ticket, just do one or more of the following:

5 tickets: After reading the book, leave a review on the book’s Amazon page (I’ll give you two extra raffle tickets if the review shows up as a “Verified Purchase”!)

3 tickets: post a picture of yourself posing with a copy of my book (eBook or paperback, which you can buy on Amazon here) on social media, mention the title of the book, and be sure to tag me:

1 ticket: share a post on any of your social media pages with a link to my book: http://amzn.com/B07GC1PWSM

*I learned today that Amazon didn’t order enough books to satisfy the purchases during the pre-sale. You can still purchase a copy, it will just take a week or two to ship. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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