The New Year Means a New Book

We’re a few weeks into the new year, and, as it usually goes, this is the time when new year’s resolutions start to fail. People, generally speaking, make a resolution, stick to it for a week or 10 days, then fall of the wagon some time shortly after, at which point the resolution begins to unravel and not come to fruition.

If you are someone who has lost motivation for your new year’s resolution, let me try to give you a boost. I’m excited to say that it’s time for me to begin my next adventure, and it just so happens that it’s close to the new year.


It’s time to start writing another book!

Since August, when I published my first book, Get After It: Seven Inspirational Stories to Find Your Inner Strength When It Matters Mosta number of people have asked me for more…just more. “You seem to have this philosophy about life,” one reader said to me. “The stories are great, but I think you should draw out that philosophy even more, and I think people would like it.”

I thought about it and started brainstorming. Through rereading my book several times, whether that was practicing reading excerpts for my book release party or reading it aloud while recording the audiobook version, I realized that I had more to share with the world.

So that is where I am today and that is the news I am bringing to whomever reads this post. I will write a new book, one focused on a philosophy of life and how people can “get after it,” whatever their “it” is. Topics will include my thoughts on how to take things one day at a time, time management, self-awareness, listening, positivity, authenticity, family, financial planning, community service, and more.

And just as before, I’ll post them on this blog, one by one, until they are compiled and ready for a published work. So I encourage you to follow this blog, share it on social media, follow me on social, etc., if you’re interesting in basically reading the book as it is being written.

But most importantly, I’d love your feedback. I thrive on it and it’s the only way I can improve what I’m doing. So, hold me accountable to my goal, and I’ll do the same for yours.

Happy 2019.

Now let’s get after it.

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