The CAVA Epicure rewards program is baloney

When CAVA started, I was very enthusiastic about its success. It was the Mediterranean version of Chipotle, and considering how much I loved Chipotle but loved Mediterranean food even more, I figured I would eat it all the time. And I did. I joined the rewards program and quickly achieved the Foodie status and about 18 months later I earned the Epicure status.

When I did, I received this automatic email from CAVA on November 10th, 2018.

I made it. Epicure status! Special Events! Bragging Rights! I tweeted at CAVA about my new status and said that I couldn’t wait until I get access to these events! They even responded, “When we have one, we’ll let you know!”

So I waited. And I waited until the end of the year. And the spring. Then it was summer. Then my daughter was born. And then it was 2020. Now it’s 2021.

Never once have I received anything about an “invite-only” event. No emails. No phone calls. No tweets. Nothing.

So I searched Google to find out if there is anything out there about these “invite-only events.” Nothing.

I’ve had a few people post comments to this blog indicating the same thing. There are no invite-only events. The Epicure (and Connoisseur) status is a sham marketing ploy filled with empty promises.

Even worse, I’ve reached out to CAVA and received no response.

Furthermore, this blog post is now in the top three Google search results for “CAVA rewards” and “CAVA epicure.” You would think CAVA would reach out to do some damage control for its public relations, but they haven’t.

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6 thoughts on “The CAVA Epicure rewards program is baloney

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was looking forward to reaching that status and going to some events but now I know it’s bullshit. Disappointing.


    1. Thanks, Mike. Glad you found it valuable. To date, I still haven’t received anything about any of these invite-only events, despite receiving a response on Twitter when I posted this blog, which said something like “Parker, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’re sending this to our membership team.”


  2. I wonder if someone created this and then left the company- it seems like a good idea but it is weird they don’t offer any events . Which is why I think the person who created the program left. But whoever is left behind hasn’t made initiative or is aware the program still exists


    1. Brett, that’s certainly a possibility. I regularly check to see if anyone has posted anything and I always come up empty. I don’t think I agree that they aren’t aware it exists…I’ve actually tweeted (and gotten responses) from CAVA about this very issue and they’ve said they’re “looking into it.” Strangely enough, my post ranks in the top four search engine results for “CAVA rewards” and “CAVA epicure.” The post gets about 500 views per year. I can only imagine, from a branding and accountability standpoint, that CAVA would reach out to me to rectify the situation, issue a statement, fix the problem, restart the program…you know, do SOMETHING. But from the moment I posted this, I haven’t seen any changes.


  3. Ha this article is funny because I’ve actually been Epicure for a little more than a year now and am close to Connoisseur and had the same experience you did. I reached out to their team and their response was “ In the past, we would provide things like CAVA swag or event invitations, but we think we can do better. So that said, be on the look out in the coming weeks for ways in which we celebrate and reward your CAVA Fanaticism.

    And in the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how to best celebrate you hitting Epicure.”

    Lone behold, nothing happened.


    1. Sean, thanks for the reply! I was doing some recent research to see if any events had actually taken place and found your tweet that references what you mention above!

      As of this comment, this post had 1,084 views in 2020. Again, you would think CAVA would reach out? Nope.


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