The CAVA Epicure rewards program is baloney

When CAVA started, I was very enthusiastic about its success. It was the Mediterranean version of Chipotle, and considering how much I loved Chipotle but loved Mediterranean food even more, I figured I would eat it all the time. And I did. And then CAVA came out with a rewards program (foodie, epicure, etc.). “Use our app!” they said. “Earn rewards!” they advertised. So I did. And became a “Newcomer” and gained eligibility for a loyalty reward.

Considering CAVA’s meals cost about $10 each, I quickly joined the “Foodie” status, having spent more than $100, which got me a $9 birthday credit. Free CAVA on my birthday was a welcome present.

So I kept looking at the app and saw the next level: $1000. Epicure. It’s the status where you get access to “invite-only events.” Invite-only events with CAVA? It was so exclusive…and exciting!

So my wife and I ate at CAVA on a regular basis and slowly but surely spent more to build up our account. Then one day, I had about $950 spent toward my account. Knowing I was close, I went to CAVA and bought lunch for me, my wife, and my brother, including drinks. About $55 later, I topped the $1,000 level and received an automatic email from CAVA on November 10th, 2018.

We made it. Epicure status! Special Events! Bragging Rights! I tweeted at CAVA about my new status and said that I couldn’t wait until I get access to these events! They even responded, “When we have one, we’ll let you know!”

So I waited. And I waited until the end of the year. And the spring. Then it was summer. Then my daughter was born. And now it’s almost 2020.

Never once have I received anything about an “invite-only” event. No emails. No phone calls. No tweets. Nothing.

So I searched Google to find out if there is anything out there about these “invite-only events.” Nothing.

So I’ve come to a few conclusions:

  1. These “invite-only events” are nothing more than a marketing ploy filled with empty promises. It’s a bunch of baloney.
  2. The “exclusive promotions” that are available to the “Connoisseur” status members (more than $2,500 spent) are probably baloney as well.
  3. I don’t think I’ll go to CAVA again.

What do you think? Have you been a CAVA “invite-only” event? What was it like?

UPDATE as of June 10, 2020: Still nothing from CAVA. No invites…nothing.

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2 thoughts on “The CAVA Epicure rewards program is baloney

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was looking forward to reaching that status and going to some events but now I know it’s bullshit. Disappointing.

    1. Thanks, Mike. Glad you found it valuable. To date, I still haven’t received anything about any of these invite-only events, despite receiving a response on Twitter when I posted this blog, which said something like “Parker, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’re sending this to our membership team.”

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