15 really impressive products I recently bought on Amazon

During the past year, I have made my fair share of purchases from Amazon and recently reflected on my satisfaction with them. Below is a list of 15 products that I’ve been really happy with, broken down by category.

For working from home

A convertible standing desk

It seems like working from home is the future of work, so it’s important to invest in a desk that is suitable for that new reality. I bought this desk and have been really happy with it. It is pretty easy to turn it into a standing desk and has enough room for two monitors. It has wheels so you can easily move it when and were you need.

You need a really good monitor

I’ve been a huge fan of this screen since I got it. It’s big, bright, has integrated speakers, and even software you can download to turn it into a split screen.

A multi-port USB interface for all your devices

If you’ve got multiple monitors using HDMI ports and other hardware like ID card readers or a USB mouse or laptop, you need to get this. With four USB ports, two HDMI ports, and even an SD card reader and Ethernet cable port, it manages everything perfectly.

Around the house

Make your cables look nice and neat

When we moved into our new house, the cables and wires were a mess. To help make it look nicer, I got some new cable that matched the color of our wall, some cable extenders, and some cable clips to pin the cable against the baseboard. We’re really impressed with how it looks. Here’s what I used:

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable (15 Feet) with F-Male Connectors – Ultra Series

GE Coaxial Cable Extension Adapter Couplers, 2-Pack

Monoprice Circle cable clips with steel nail, 10mm, 100pcs/Pack

An HDMI splitter for all your devices

Like many, we have a Chromecast, Roku, and an Amazon Firestick. But I also like to plug my phone or tablet into my television if Chromecast doesn’t work. That’s why I got this HDMI splitter. It works really well and provides us the options to pick what we want without having to constantly switch out HDMI cables.

A mini freezer for your garage

With a new baby, we needed to freeze milk for the little guy, so we got this mini freezer, which we keep in the garage. It works great and is spacious enough for what we need.

A universal garage door opener

We needed new garage door openers, and this one from Chamberlain came highly reviewed on Amazon. I bought two and synced them with our garage doors soon after they arrived. The sync process was easy, and while they sometimes take a tricky angle to open the doors, they always work.

A space heater

When we moved in to the house in January, I found that our home was really cold, so I bought a space heater. It heats up our entire bedroom and is certainly cheaper than running our furnace all night.

A shelf that slides under your mattress

Our bed fits perfectly between our bedroom and bathroom doors. The problem is there isn’t much more room than that, so we couldn’t fit our nightstands. Instead, we found these amazing things called the Bed Shelfie. They slide in under your mattress and provide a small platform for your books, glasses, mobile phones, etc.

A garment/jacket/shoe rack for your garage

I ride a motorcycle and needed a place to store my jackets, helmets, boots, gloves, and waterproof gear. I didn’t want to keep it somewhere in the house that I’d have to lug around when I wanted to go for a ride, so I got this garment rack instead. It was easy to put together and ended up quite sturdy. It has plenty of room for all my gear.

Cube organizers (for multiple uses)

Not only do we use these for our kids toys, but we also use them for our workout space in our basement, where we can store cycling shoes, blocks, mats, wipes, and more. It is definitely versatile, which is why we have three.

In the closet

Wool socks (they are a must)

I didn’t wear wool socks until 2019, when I went to a football game in late November and felt like my toes were going to fall off. Since then, I’ve invested in wool socks and definitely wore them all winter long. I’m a big fan of these.

And finally… just because…

If you want to print small pictures easily, a company came up with a great way to do it without ink. They called it Prynt, and it uses a special kind of paper with a zinc compound to display the image. The best part is that the device hooks directly to an iPhone and prints pictures directly from the phone’s image gallery. There’s no need to transfer pictures elsewhere, and you never have to worry about running out of ink (though you will run out of Prynt paper!)

I hope you found this post useful. If you decide to get any of these, let me know how they worked out for you.

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