About Parker

Parker Schaffel hasn’t done everything, but he’s done a lot. He worked for the CIA for 13 years and served in the Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer for eight years, including assignments in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, and Jordan, totaling almost two years.

He’s the author of the book Get After It: Seven Inspirational Stories to Find Your Inner Strength When It Matters Most, and he’s the solo musician behind the punk band Truth Assassin. He’s also the lead singer of a Slayer tribute band called Spirit in Black.

He is a volunteer music instructor for at-risk youth at the Sitar Arts Center in Washington DC, a former skydiver, and for two seasons was a Washington Nationals Racing President (yes, he has a World Series ring). He has dabbled in stand-up comedy, he’s a pretty good photographer, and (on a good day) a mediocre actor (he appeared in Veep and the Real Housewives of Potomac).

Parker Schaffel is not just unique because of the things he has done, but because he’s literally the only Parker Schaffel in the world. Seriously, look it up.

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