Communicating with Impact

Presentations, briefings, and interviews are difficult. But they don’t have to be. Oral presentation skills are exactly that: skills. Skills can be learned and honed. I truly believe that everyone can be a phenomenal presenter. It just takes knowledge and practice, and I can help. Using experience in diplomacy, sales, marketing, intelligence, education, and leadership training, I can enable your inner communicator to make effective, impactful, and lasting presentations.

The Communicating with Impact seminar runs about two to two and a half hours. Email me at if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you…and enabling your inner communicator!


“Parker’s Communing with Impact seminar was absolutely one of the most useful and practical presentations we’ve had to date. Also- entertaining! We are grateful for you!”

“I most appreciated Parker’s easy to understand demonstrations, video examples, and his laid back but firm nature.”

“Parker was very down to earth, which made it easy to engage.”

“Parker did not negate anyone’s answer without first thanking them for their contribution, and that made volunteering an answer less daunting. Also, practicing what you were teaching gave you an amazing amount of ethos.”

“I learned so much valuable information, including tips and good points for preparing presentations. I am someone who is not a fan of public presentations but you shared many great things and tools I can use.”

“Parker really cared about each person in the room.”

“I loved how easy it was to understand and put into action your tips!”

“I appreciated the tangible, straight forward strategies. There was a dialogue between the class and instructor which kept us engaged and interested.”

“Parker was very engaging and took the time to explain everything and not jump ahead. It was an honest and refreshing presentation. I hope you continue to do this for future students of this program.”

“This was a really interesting and fun workshop and I definitely learned a lot.”

“Very relevant, entertaining, and honest. Hopefully I can let you know one day that it helped me get my dream job. Thank you!”

“This was really awesome. Especially the body language and the voice usage was so useful. Your presentation skills are very impressive and your ability to share them and help us understand them was better than I’ve seen!”

“This was one of the best  sessions I’ve attended. Appreciated the content and the variety of elements you covered and how clearly you did so.”

“This was incredibly helpful. Loved the use of real examples in your presentation. Think you connected well with us.”

“That was incredible, Parker! Really enjoyed that & learned so so much that I think can be used in all aspects of communication.”

“Excellent presentation with a lot of information that I will be able to use going forward. After the Positioning point, I was so engrossed that I stopped taking notes, but I think I should be able to remember the rest. Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us!”

“Really impressive Parker. Your authenticity and generosity really came across, and it was amazing that you could keep the audience so engaged without slides.”

“There were a lot of videos/books out there teaching how to present in front of others but your is different and showed a lot of cool ideas and techniques.”

“Very effective and knowledgeable. Made me feel more confident and comfortable with presentations.”

“This was good advice and different from what I have learned before.”

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