Developing Leadership Skills Through Improving Workplace Culture

I teach a two-hour course called Using Cultural Initiatives to Shape Your Leadership Growth, which I created after attending the NextJump Academy* in July 2016. The course teachings attendees how to develop their leadership attributes, decision making and critical thinking skills, and self-awareness through creating and leading workplace initiatives to aimed at improving their office culture.

As opposed to trying to lead initiatives directly related to revenue or a delicate mission-related issue, which could be detrimental to your company’s bottom line, enabling employees to develop leadership skills through attempting to┬áimprove workplace culture is a much safer way for employees to take chances and try different things.

As employees lead these initiatives, organizational leaders are able to identify, earlier on, which employees are good decision makers and which others need more developmental time. At this point, leadership has a larger cohort of employees they can trust to make more important decisions, including about revenue and critical missions.

I have run this course since early 2017. Testimonials from attendees are below:

“This helps me think through road blocks and ways to implement innovations which may make us more productive, feel valued, and do our jobs better. We could have fun at work!”

“Senior managers should attend this course. It would help bridge communication within our workplace.”

“Courses such as this one are critical to making the changes we need in our jobs.”

“Parker was positive and encouraging. He was a great facilitator.”

“I learned of many feasible cultural initiatives that can be hosted onsite and offsite, and discussing impediments also helped prepare me for push back from my managers. Additional runnings would be great as I plan to recommend this to my teammates.”

“Great class. It should be taught on a larger scale. The instructor was great!”

“[Parker] was engaging and welcomed all comments, responses, and thoughts.”

“It was easy going and it gave us an idea on different ways to be a leader in every way. I really enjoyed the course.”

“It was very applicable to my job.”

“The instructor was full of energy. Engagement 100%!”

*NextJump is a global e-commerce company based in New York City that has been identified as a deliberately developmental organization for how the company develops its employees’ leadership attributes, decision making skills, and self-awareness. NextJump offers its academy to a select few on a pro bono basis, as part of its motto: “change the world by changing workplace culture.”

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