Getting After It

This is a section of my site dedicated to my stories about what I call “Getting After It.” They are stories about my trials, tribulations, and triumphs; my never give up attitude; my thirst for more; and my desire to never stop pushing, growing, and getting what I’m after. They will be separate chapters in a book, which I aim to publish upon completion of all of the stories.

Chapter 1 – Never Giving Up: The Story of My Heart-Wrenching, Eight-Year Quest to Commission in the Military

Chapter 2 – Gaining Confidence: The Story of How a Movie, a Football Coach, and a Skydive Changed My Life

Chapter 3 – From Negative to Positive: How Mourning an Iraqi Tragedy Jump-Started My Musical Creativity and Solo Music Project

Chapter 4 – “Bringing NATO Back:” The Story of How I (and Others) Enabled Iraq to Fight Terrorism Through a Partnership with the Allies

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