My Music

In December 2016, I formed Truth Assassin, an anti-Trump one-man political punk band “killer, stripped down, in-your-face punk with [heavy] metal leanings and aggressive, melodic vocals.” For the project, I play and record all guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and (occasionally) piano, and I write all of the lyrics.

Checkout Truth Assassin on Spotify.

Also available on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, BandCamp, and Amazon Music.

Since December 2012, I have played in Spirit in Black, a DC-area Slayer tribute band.

American Metal Conspiracy was a band I formed in 2012 at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, with two American embassy officers, and we played several shows at the compound from February – June 2012. I formed the band and the band name in response to the January – February 2012 killings of “emo” teenagers in Baghdad. More than 70 teenagers were killed by militias. Some Shia politicians said that heavy metal music was a conspiracy brought to Iraq by Americans to corrupt the minds of Iraqi youth. Hence the name: American Metal Conspiracy.


Sine 2014, I have taught beginner and intermediate acoustic guitar to inner city and at-risk youth at the Sitar Arts Center in Washington, DC on a semester basis.

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