As a Strategic Communicator

During the past three years, I have developed and implemented robust, unique, and innovative strategic communications plans and content strategies. Basing my work on proven communications, content management, digital marketing, plain language, and visual design practices, my strategies and generated content drove engagement from 55% to more than 80% of the workforce. Now, working in the Talent Center, I help subordinate offices create and implement effective strategic communications plans and strategies for the rolling out of various talent-related initiatives, including performance management, talent management, talent development, learning, and more.


  • Lead, strategized, and produced media content for the worldwide workforce, including news stories, interviews, videos, policy updates, public relations pieces, and event recaps.
  • Increased readership of What’s News, the organization’s internal news outlet, from 55% of the workforce in April 2014 to more than 80% of the workforce by December 2015 using best practices in visualization, targeted media campaigns, video/photography, and introduction of new and different creative media.
  • Introduced a variety of video, audio, and print interviews with Agency senior leaders, building trust through detailed, mission-related, and humanizing stories.
  • Developed numerous, effective strategic communications plans for talent-related initiatives impacting the entire workforce.
  • Created a new series of videos, including live videos, of internal agency activities, significantly increasing workforce engagement.
  • Started an internal, classified social media campaign on the Intelligence Community’s version of Twitter.
  • Redesigned two main websites, including CIALink, the Agency’s intranet page, and the Talent Center’s new website, using proven visual design principles, leading to a more than 40% increase in viewership of both.
  • Crafted superbly written articles, varying in length, topic, and style, on a range of topics, including storytelling, interviews, news updates, event marketing/advertising, and analysis.
  • Lead the internal communication team’s photographic and video productions using professional and sophisticated techniques—the work was used in the Agency’s official Twitter account, the internal Featured Photo Gallery, and in internal and external news articles.
  • Developed and drove analytics on key performance indicators, readership, and engagement, despite lack of formal tools, which enhanced the Director’s and senior leadership’s decisionmaking on workforce communications.



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