As a Diplomat

As an officer with the State Department in the Political-Military Affairs section of the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, I helped build and reform Iraq’s security sector, build its civil-military relations, and improve its strategic military education program.

During my tenure from 2011 – 2012, I oversaw and led the US position on the establishment of the Iraq-NATO Individual Partnership and Cooperation Program (IPCP), which was signed in May 2012, officially establishing the tenets of the official partnership between NATO and Iraq.

The NATO Summit declaration from Wales in 2014 highlighted this:

We re-affirm NATO’s continued commitment to the NATO-Iraq partnership, through which we will revitalise our effort to help Iraq build more effective security forces. That partnership encompasses, within the existing Individual Partnership and Cooperation Programme, cooperation in the areas of: political dialogue; education and training; response to terrorism; defence institution building; border security; and communications strategy. Allies and partners should continue to help coordinate humanitarian assistance to Iraq through the appropriate channels. We welcome the role that the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre is playing. We have also agreed that NATO will help coordinate among Allies and partners security assistance support to Iraq; this could also include helping coordinate the provision of lift to deliver assistance. Should the Iraqi government request it, NATO will stand ready to consider measures in the framework of NATO’s Defence and Related Security Capacity Building Initiative with an eye to launching such an effort in the near term. NATO will support ongoing bilateral efforts of Allies and partners by soliciting and coordinating, on a voluntary basis, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance assets. Additionally, Allies will seek to enhance their cooperation in exchanging information on returning foreign fighters.”

IraqNaplesAmman_92 IraqNaplesAmman_4

Besmaya Building 5 Roofdeck OSC-I

From top left to bottom right: A post meeting beverage with British NATO counterparts at Joint Forces Command-Naples, Italy; NATO Training Mission-Iraq Chief of Staff UK Colonel Mike Russell; a briefing to US Embassy Baghdad and US military personnel (LTG Ferriter, Ambassador Jim Jeffrey); a picture atop the former Ba’ath Party Headquarters with US Military counterparts; walking with LTG Bob Caslen during a Congressional briefing.


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