As a Musician

Music Instruction


Sine 2014, I have taught beginner and intermediate acoustic guitar to inner city and at-risk youth at the Sitar Arts Center in Washington, DC on a semester basis.

Bands/Live Performances


In December 2016, I formed my solo music project, Truth Assassin. It’s a mix of punk and heavy metal. The artist behind the work Fetid Zombie said my first album, The Scourge, was “killer, stripped down, in-your-face punk with [heavy] metal leanings and aggressive, melodic vocals.” For the project, I play and record all guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and piano, and I write all of the lyrics.

Checkout Truth Assassin on Spotify.


DEATHECHO 2 facebook-picture-from-grog

Since December 2012, I have played in Death Echo, a DC-area thrash metal band that plays songs from Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, and other 1980s-era thrash metal bands. The band has played numerous shows in the DC area, including the Grog and Tankard (Stafford, VA), The Pinch (Washington, DC), Tree House Lounge (Washington, DC), Mahalo Cove (Sterling, VA).

Death Echo on Facebook       Death Echo on Twitter      Death Echo on ReverbNation

American Metal Conspiracy

AMC Logo AMC 2

American Metal Conspiracy was a band formed in 2012 at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. I formed the band with two American embassy officers, and we played several shows at the compound from February – June 2012. I formed the band and the band name in response to the January – February 2012 killings of “emo” teenagers in Baghdad. More than 70 teenagers were killed by militias. Some Shia politicians said that heavy metal music was a conspiracy brought to Iraq by Americans to corrupt the minds of Iraqi youth. Hence the name: American Metal Conspiracy.

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