As a World Traveler

I have traveled to five contents, including the following countries:

  • Western Hemisphere: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica
  • Europe: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Hungary, Greece
  • Africa: Tanzania
  • Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Bahrain
  • Asia: Afghanistan, Thailand, Japan

I also have had basic proficiency/skill in Arabic, French, Norwegian, and Spanish.

DSC04551 DSCN4262 DSCN4381 DSCN4411 DSCN4603 DSCN4619 DSCN4707 Greece_010 Greece_023 Greece_075 Greece_169 Greece_780 Greece_819 Guatemala_0110 Guatemala_0143 IraqNaplesAmman_54 IraqNaplesAmman_139 Post PCS_0015 Post PCS_0062 Post PCS_0112 Post PCS_0180

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