In my Spare Time

Entertainment Casino Dealer

I work for several companies as a casino games dealer.


Condo Board Member

I am the Vice President of the 2920 Georgia Avenue Condominium Association, helping to manage a 26-unit condo building with an operating and contract budget of more than $100,000.

eBay Seller


I have sold hundreds of items on eBay totaling more than $15,000 in sales and currently have 100% positive seller feedback with a feedback rating of more than 260.

Visit my eBay Page


Video Editor/GoPro Production

I have made hundreds of videos on a variety of topics, including: live music, live sporting events, nature, whitewater rafting, skydiving, motorcycle riding, fitness competitions, snowboarding, cliff diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, ziplining, gokart racing, and amusement park rides.

youtubeVisit my YouTube Page


I have a variety of photography skills including head shots, nature, and action/sports.

Check out my Photography page.

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