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TA Picture 1 JPEG.jpgTruth Assassin is a political punk project from Washington, D.C. founded by Parker Schaffel in December 2016 following then-President elect Donald Trump’s vicious attacks, childish name-calling, and outright divisiveness which splintered the United States. Parker Schaffel, a solo musician, grew frustrated and angry with the President-elect-gone-wrong and channeled his emotion into lyrics and eventually a music project he dubbed Truth Assassin, a name inspired by lyrics from a politically themed Metallica song. Since then, Parker Schaffel has written, produced, and recorded all of the music for Truth Assassin, including its rhythm and lead guitars, bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

Truth Assassin is strongly influenced by perennial punk bands Pennywise and Bad Religion, but is unique in its own way; it’s melodic punk, with fast, explosive drums, attacking guitar riffs, supporting and rhythmic bass, and harmonized, clever lyrics, yet its songs incorporate the varying styles of hardcore, classic, and pop punk, and even thrash metal. With each release, the music gets tighter, faster, and harder-hitting.

Truth Assassin released The Scourge, a five-song EP in January 2017, a single entitled 117 Stars in March 2017, and followed it with a full-length, 10-song album entitled In the Shadow of Tyranny in October 2017. Truth Assassin is currently recording more music and plans to release a three- or four-song EP in Spring 2018. Truth Assassin’s music has been featured in the Australian radio show Rock Bottom 106.7FM, as well as several Washington, D.C.-area radio shows and podcasts.

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Sine 2014, I have taught guitar and bass guitar lessons to inner city and at-risk youth at the Sitar Arts Center in Washington, DC.

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