How I Fell in Love with Heavy Metal

Most people who know me, know that I’ve loved heavy metal music for a long time. For the people who don’t know me, a quick check on my website shows that I’ve been in several heavy metal bands, started my own hardcore/punk/metal music project called Truth Assassin, and attend numerous heavy metal concerts per year.Continue reading “How I Fell in Love with Heavy Metal”

Merriment Abounded! The Adventures of the 2018 Maryland Renaissance Festival

Today, 23 September 2018, I went with my wife Abby, brother-in law Keith, sister-in-law Amanda, our niece Scarlett, and our nephew Keith, also known as Little Man to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It’s a huge event for Maryland every year, running from August to October every weekend, rain or shine. …speaking of which… It wasContinue reading “Merriment Abounded! The Adventures of the 2018 Maryland Renaissance Festival”