New Truth Assassin Album Coming Soon

Over the last few months, I have been working on a new Truth Assassin album, as a follow up to the EP (“The Scourge”) and single (“117 Stars”) I released in January and March, respectively. The new full-length album, entitled “In the Shadow of Tyranny,” will include nine new songs and the pre-released but remasteredContinue reading “New Truth Assassin Album Coming Soon”

I’m Switching to a Part-Time Schedule at Work, and Here’s Why

For the first time in my 11-year professional career, I’m switching to a part-time schedule, starting next week, where I will work Tuesday – Thursday (24 hours per week). My work schedule will consist of strategic communications support to the Professional Development Group, as well as leadership course instruction and facilitation. That said, the questionContinue reading “I’m Switching to a Part-Time Schedule at Work, and Here’s Why”